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Barre Session I


with Heather Bowman

Calendar Jan 21, 2020 at 6 am, runs for 6 weeks

Classes to be held at Bath Dance Works, 72 Front Street, 3rd Floor, Bath.  Barre combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Isometric movements working specific muscles lead to feeling the "barre burn." Set to a great playlist this class will help build lean muscle and target your core.

Yoga for Men, Session I


with Dennis Kimmage

Calendar Jan 22, 2020 at 5:15 pm, runs for 6 weeks
The benefits of yoga for men and women are similar: more flexibility, strength, and stress relief. But men are built differently and lose flexibility faster. The practice in this class recognizes men’s upper-body strength and promotes elasticity in tight areas for men like the shoulders, hips, and back. Bring a mat and dress in loose clothing.
Full Course

Chakras, Reiki, Energy Work? Get Your Questions Answered


with Mary Maverick

Calendar Jan 22, 2020 at 5:30 pm, runs for 1 week

Learn the basics of your energetic body by exploring popular alternative therapies. Acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic touch, polarity, Integrated Energy Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, CranioSacral Therapy, Color Therapy, and more. Bring your questions. You will leave with a good understanding of what these modalities are and what they can and cannot do for you. We will do some fun exercises and learn how to clear and balance your own energy centers. Enjoy the positive benefits of having clear and balanced energy. No discounts.

Zumba with Barbara Session I


with Barbara Johnson

Calendar Jan 22, 2020 at 5:45 pm, runs for 6 weeks
Zumba can best be described as an easy to follow, Latin-inspired dance party, where you will have so much fun you won't even notice you're exercising. This class will provide you with both cardiovascular and strengthening benefits and is literally for everyone, as intensity variations are taught throughout the class to fit individual needs. No experience is necessary for this uplifting class!

Will run

POUND Fitness, Bath Session I


with Heather Bowman

Calendar Jan 22, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 6 weeks

Please note the location is different from what is listed in the Winter Spring 2020 catalog.  New location:  Universe Gym, 361 High Street, Bath. Become the music and release your inner rock star in an exhilarating, full body workout that combines cardio and strength training with yoga and Pilates inspired movements. Using lightly weighted drumsticks specifically designed for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an effective and fun way of working out! Please bring a mat. No class Feb. 19.

Yang Family Tai Chi Kung


with Diane Doiron

Calendar Jan 23, 2020 at 10 am, runs for 8 weeks
This is an introductory course for Yang Style Taijiquan (tai chi) which is one of the most widely practiced styles in the world. Tai Chi Kung is a 10 movement form designed by the lineage holder of Yang Family Tai Chi, Master Yang Jun. The Yang style is known for its circular movements practiced in a slow even pace. We will do a variety of warm-ups to help with blood flow, flexibility, balance, and strength. You will also learn the 10 Essential Principles of Taijiquan. If you would like to wear shoes please bring a pair that you have not worn outside.

Tai Chi for Balance


with Diane Doiron

Calendar Jan 23, 2020 at 1 pm, runs for 12 weeks

Looking for better balance and coordination while walking? The first part of each class will be dedicated to using tai chi movements in a specific way to improve your balance, functional walking, coordination, range of motion, and leg strength. Then we will practice the 9 Phases of Chi, which is a powerful approach to strengthening your body while enhancing your nervous system, releasing unhealthy thought patterns and emotional blockages and discovering the true essence of your spirit. Experience the pure joy and freedom of stress relief, increased energy and vitality, inner peace and pain relief. The 9 Phases of Chi can be practiced while seated if need be. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring some water to drink.

Will run

Absolute Beginner Yoga Session I


with Ann Kimmage

Calendar Jan 23, 2020 at 4 pm, runs for 6 weeks

You’re tempted and would like the chance to give yoga a try but aren’t sure where to start. These gentle poses and helpful modifications are perfect for beginners and those who are new to yoga and might lack flexibility. Enliven, de-stress, and maintain a healthy body with yoga and mindfulness techniques taught by an experienced, certified yoga and stress management instructor.

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